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ProX XB-SQ492TB Truss Bag


Product description

ProX XB-SQ492TB Truss Bag Description The ProX XB-SQ492TB Truss Bag is especially important if you plan on transporting powder coated truss or having your truss powder coated in the future. The Truss Bag also protects the polished aluminum finish on all your trussing.  Transport your truss in in a professional manner while protecting its finish and keeping the trussing clean while moving or storing. 4.92 FT (1.5 Meter) Truss Bag for F34 Square Truss with a width and height of 11 7/16” (290mm). Truss Ext.: 59.5″x12.2″x12.2″ Int: 59″x12″x12″ Features ProX XB-SQ492TB Truss Bag is for use with F34 Square Truss Ridged bottom and ends to secure truss and protect truss from ripping bag. Pouch to conveniently store connection hardware. Heavy duty handles to ensure a safe grip. Padded plus zippered pocket. The ProX Truss bag fits square or triangular segments.